Gas lighting – the abusive relationship tactic you need to know about

24 November 2017

“Many victims of gas lighting feel inferior and lose their self-worth as they become more and more anxious,” says Dr Marelize Swart, a psychologist and sexologist from Cape Town.

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8 pregnancy sex questions every mom-to-be wonders about

February 17th, 2017

Psychologist and sexologist, Marelize Swart, features in this article on concerns woman have about sex during pregnancy

Can having an orgasm trigger labour?

There are many different myths and theories about having an orgasm during pregnancy, says psychologist and sexologist Dr Marelize Swart. “However, you shouldn’t worry, because many studies have shown that a female orgasm does not induce labour – especially when you’re preterm.

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3 Ways You Can Have Hotter Sex Tonight — No Matter Your Mood

24 May 2016

Psychologist and sexologist, Marelize Swart, has been featured in the article "3 Ways You Can Have Hotter Sex Tonight — No Matter Your Mood"

Tailor your bedroom antics to your mood and you could open up whole new avenues of sexual pleasure. Hotter sex, here we come…

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Why are South African women buying 'punani fruit' for their vaginas?

17 December 2015

A Chinese dried fruit delicacy is selling like hot cakes in the Free State and it’s not for its taste.

Women continue to believe the shriveled fruit will turn back the hands of time and give them tighter, more youthful vaginas.

Cape Town sexologist and psychologist Marelize Swart said that "punani fruit" is just another money-making gimmick feeding off women’s desires for not only a better sex life but also perhaps to confirm to unrealistic notions about sex propagated by the increased availability of porn.

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Ways To Make Sure You Get A Really, Really Good Orgasm

4 August, 2015

The female anatomy is complex, which means there is no cardinal rule to pleasing every women. So whether you’re with a partner or just having some fun alone, here is our list of sexpert-approved tips and tricks to make sure you have a whopper of an orgasm – every time.

Sex therapist and psychologist Dr. Marelize Swart recommends these tips to ensure optimal orgasms:

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17,462 women speak out on sex, stress and happiness

13 August

So many women are too shy to initiate sex,” says Marelize Swart, “or their moves are simply much too subtle!” She has seen many women who claim to have had their hottest moves rebuffed, but further prodding finds that we may be slipping in our seduction tactics.

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Dr Swart on CBC-National TV News

29 OctoberMarelize Swart

Dr. Swart has been featured as the sex expert in the following magazines and news papers: Chatelaine, Women's Health, Longevity magazine, Glow magazine, The Vancouver Sun, The Toronto Sun, The Calgary Sun, The Georgia Straight, The Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Metro and internet articles.

Are South Africans sexually satisfied? Watch to find out!

According to a new reports, Switzerland is the most sexually satisfied country in the world. Unfortunately South Africa did not make the list. We find out why!

Psychologist and sexologist, Marelize Swart, joins Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath in studio to talk about South African's sex drive and the validity of the report.

Do you think South Africans are sexually frustrated or satisfied? Leave a comment below.

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64% of women link their self-esteem to their partner's sexual satisfaction

According to a survey, 64% of women said their self-esteem, femininity and desirability are linked to their partner's sexual attraction to them.

Sexologist, Marelize Swart, joins Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath in studio to explain what this means and gives us a few pointers that might build our sexual self-esteem.

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Here's how South Africans can become more sexually satisfied

According to this City Press article, South African men have far less sex then the global average.

Sexologist, Marelize Swart, joined Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath in studio to talk about sex, sex and more sex. Swart says South Africa shouldn't worry too much; South Africans are doing alright in the bedroom.

How do you think South Africans can become more sexually satisfied? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Survey shows sex makes SA women happy, we say obviously!

According to a survey conducted by the Daily Sun; sex makes women happy. Well... obviously! That's what human beings are biologically programmed to feel when making love.

Sexologist, Marelize Swart, joined Jerusha Sukhdeo-Raath in studio to talk about sex, sex and more sex. She says women do find sex enjoyable, that's obvious, the difference is men desire it more.

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